About Me 介紹

各位好~ 我照相已有很多年了,但寫東西是新手。我原來是香港人,現在住在首爾。

Hola! Gracias por venir. Hablo un poco de Español, y quiero practicar.

안녕하세요~ 한국어를 조금 할수있습니다. 코멘트 해주세요 ^^


I started taking photographs years ago. This is the first time I am putting them all together in one place. For those who want to know, most of the pictures are taken with an iPhone. I also used a Nikon D-90, and years ago a Nikon FM-2.

I am new to writing though. Besides showing my photographs, I am making this blog to get myself comfortable with writing. I believe there is a lot to explore by writing, I hope it will be as much an adventure as taking photographs.

I am originally from Hong Kong. Now I live in Seoul, Korea.

Please leave me a comment, let’s connect.



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